6. Trim all threads.

5. Backing needs to be 5" wider than the quilt top on all sides.

For any sections of the quilt with bulky seams, press the seams open to reduce bulk and improve the look and feel of the finished quilt. 

(Don’t worry—I can tell the difference between a quilt that has been pressed, but placed in a box and one that has not been pressed. Pressed quilts with folds are OK; un­pressed quilts will incur a pressing fee of $15). 

2. Please press backing seams open.

Quilt Prep

8. Remove all selvedges. 

7. Mark the top edge of your quilt with a safety pin.

Backing fabric should have 1/2" seam allowance (not 1/4" on any seams and that seams should be pressed open.

Please square your quilt before sending it to me.


When attaching your borders, please know that many puckers or too much fullness can not be “quilted out”. When attaching your border, measure the quilt top (before borders) in three different place on the quilt. If they are not the same, take the average and cut the border to that length. Then sew it on, incorporating or easing in any difference as you go. This will help with quilt lay flat in the finished product.

How to: Prepare Your Quilt

By following the instructions listed below, you are guaranteeing your quilt will be finished to your satisfaction.

9. Do NOT pin or baste your layers together.
If binding is requested, please call for additional instructions. 

4. Leave a 1/2" seam allowance.

3.Square your quilt.

​1.Your quilt should be pressed.