Longarm Quilting


Pricing starts at .02 a square inch.

How to Calculate Your Quilting Charge:

1. Measure the length and the width of your quilt top

2. Multiply those numbers together

3. Now, multiply your answer (that really big scary number) by the price per square inch.

4. The final number is your cost for the quilting

My quilt top measures 65”x88”

    65 x 88= 5720

​             5720 x.02=$114.40=Quilting Cost  


Batting: I use Quilters Dream batting. My most popular types of batting are the natural cotton and the blend (70/30).  Both are $10 a yard, I will charge you for what you use.  If you would like to use your own batting please make sure it is 5 inches larger than the quilt top on all sides. 

Thread: I stock many colors of So Fine! Polyester thread, this give the quilt a wonderful finished look.  There is a $2 a bobbin charge for the thread, this covers the top thread too.  If you require 100% cotton thread, we can discuss the options.

Backing: Please send your backing sewn together (half inch seam allowance) with the seams pressed open. The backing should be 5 inches larger than the quilt top.  I can sew the backing together for a charge of $10 a seam.  

*Binding: I am happy to Bind your quilt for you.  If you provide the fabric the charge for start to finish binding is .30 a linear inch.  The cost can be broken down if you only want me to do part of the binding process.  We can discuss what would fit your needs.

Shipping: When shipping your quilt top and backing to me try to choose a box that will hold up to the round trip.  Also keep in mind that a quilt gets much bigger after adding the batting, so be sure to send   a big enough box.  I will ship it back to you via UPS or USPS, depending on which is most cost effective for you.  I charge actual shipping costs, which will be included on your invoice.

T-Shirt Quilts: Call for custom instructions on t-shirt quilt preparation and material selection


Quilting services include: Edge to Edge, Pantographs and Binding*. Custom quilting is reserved for repeat customers and is considered on a case to case basis. Charges are as follows (by the square inch):