Long Arm Quilting in Cary



About Becky

I’ve been sewing longer than I’ve been driving. I started sewing on my grandmother’s old Singer years before I learned to drive, and then began teaching elementary school after college. As a National Board Certified teacher and an artist, fabric arts is the perfect blend of what I love to do—teaching people how to bring out their creative side. As master chefs create their own dishes without recipes, so I create landscape quilts.

Quilting and sewing can be so much more than just patterns, yet that’s exactly where we start to build a strong foundation and understanding of the“how” and “why” of what we do. That said, I strongly feel that there’s no “wrong” in art, so I work with each quilt and each student to build on their strengths and reach their goals from producing award ­winning quilts to making simple crafts for home, family, and friends.

Outside of quilting, sewing, and teaching, I love adventures. I especially love going on adventures with my family. We spend as much time as we can exploring the world around us, through various outdoor activities year­ round and traveling to new places as time allows.

I hope you’ll find as much inspiration from the world around us as I have for creating art, so let’s start sewing!